Professor Xingjie Ni selected as one of eight NASA Early Career Faculty for Space Technology Research

NASA has selected Prof. Xingjie Ni as one of eight Early Career Faculty for Space Technology Research in 2017 for the study of innovative, early-stage technologies that address high priority needs of America’s space program. The grants are awarded to outstanding faculty researchers early in their careers as they conduct space technology development of high priority to NASA. Ni has demonstrated ultrathin flat lenses, high-resolution holograms and even an invisibility cloak using the metasurface technology, now he is planing to leverage it for the creation of a fully integrated on-chip spectrometer, which will be potentially useful for portable or wearable devices to further increase their functionality. Ni’s work will lead to creation of a new, small-footprint, lightweight, versatile spectrometer that is integrated in a photonic chip. 


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