EE 210: Circuits and Devices

Introduction to electrical circuit analysis, electronic devices, amplifiers, and time-domain transient analysis.


EE 320: Introduction to Electro-Optical Engineering

This course covers several fundamental areas of modern optics, optical processes, and devices.


EE 330: Engineering Electromagnetics

Static electric and magnetic fields; solutions to static field problems, Maxwell’s equations; electromagnetic waves; boundary conditions; engineering applications.


EE 420: Electro-Optics: Principles and Devices

This course covers mainly spatially linear system and transform, diffraction theory, partial coherence theory, optical imaging, holography, wavefront modulation, and waveguide optics.


EE 597: Introduction to Nanophotonics and Metamaterials

This course integrates basic principles of photonics and nanotechnology. It provides the students with a good understanding of the concepts and the physics of state-of-art nanophotonic materials and devices, leading to the very front of the research and development of nanophotonics and metamaterials. The link among fundamental physics, optics, nanotechnology, and material science is closely observed in this course.